B20, founded in 2010, is one of the key groups involved in the G20. The B20 is made up of companies and business organisations. Co-founding this global forum is both a great honour and a challenge in terms of being able to look pragmatically into the future, including in the area of technology.

Comarch on B20
In 2022, the B20 summit was held in Indonesia. It was attended by the then CEO of Comarch, Professor Janusz Filipiak. A year later, Comarch was invited to contribute to several months of substantive work related to digital transformation under the B20 in India. Comarch's Executive Vice President Andrzej Przewięźlikowski actively participated in the meetings of the international Digital Transformation task force. Its aim was to prepare recommendations for the G20 world leaders, adopting a special communiqué almost every year that provides guidance to shape the actions of economies and governments for the next 12 months. In Declaration 2023, G20 leaders identified, among other things, how technology can help bridge the current digital divide and accelerate progress towards sustainable and inclusive development. 

This year, Comarch was again invited to participate in the substantive work of the B20, this time in Brazil. The company is represented by: Wojciech Pawluś - Vice President and Director of International Sales and Justyna Brunetti - Director HR Operations, Policy & Compliance. 

AI dominates discussion
The theme of this year's work by experts from around the world is "Inclusive Growth for a Sustainable Future" (which can be translated as „Wzrost sprzyjający włączeniu społecznemu dla zrównoważonej przyszłości”). The Brazilian Presidency has initiated the creation of seven B20 Task Forces, each of which will focus on a specific area of the economy. These groups bring together experts and leaders from different sectors who will jointly develop the main theses of the final communication. At the B20 Summit in Brazil, the experts will officially hand over the final recommendations to the G20 Presidency.

Comarch's vice-president, Wojciech Pawluś, sums up the opening event held in Rio De Janeiro as follows: The opening ceremony of the B20 in Rio De Janeiro brought together business leaders from around the world. Comarch was one of the few participants from Europe that was invited to the event and actively participated. 

Comarch will again be part of a digital transformation working group seeking to make the best use of new technologies, including, of course, artificial intelligence (AI). Our aim is to drive innovation and sustainability, while ensuring the responsible use of data and technology in global economies around the world. Poland aspires to the G20 and our company proudly supports these activities at a business level.

Justyna Brunetti emphasised: The theme of AI dominated the inaugural day of B20. All leaders talked about its rapid evolution and impact on all industries. The call for global cooperation for the responsible use of technology, in particular artificial intelligence, for the benefit of humanity - also resonated with the 7 task forces.
It is worth pointing out - added Wojciech Pawluś - that Comarch is expanding on the Brazilian market and we have a thriving branch in Sao Paulo. During the B20 deliberations, we established interesting relationships with leading local Brazilian companies.

This is going to be a very interesting year for Comarch also in terms of B20 content challenges.