Comarch achieved sales revenue in the amount of 1,132 million PLN in 2015. This is an increase of 9.1 percent compared to 2014. EBIT was 114.8 million PLN and increased by more than 16 million PLN year on year. Net profit amounted to 78.4 million PLN and were higher by over 10 million compared to the result achieved in 2014. Comarch Group also recorded a 20 percent increase in revenues from sales on foreign markets - the share of export sales reached 51% of the total Group’s sales.

The continued dynamic growth of revenues from sales of software and services for the medical sector (an increase of 60.8 percent to 49.9 million PLN) has been noticed. They accounted for 4.4 percent revenues from the total sales of the Comarch Group. Moreover, with the merger of two companies the new entity, Comarch Healthcare S.A, was created it offers a range of solutions for the medical industry.

New foreign markets

In 2015 Comarch intensively developed its business sales centers in Malaysia, Canada, Sweden, Argentina and Italy, among others. It gave positive results in terms of export sales which increased to 20.1 percent. Foreign sales in Q1-Q4 2015 accounted for 51 percent of Group's total revenue.

- Comarch Group recorded revenue growth the second year in a row. In 2014 we crossed the threshold of one billion PLN, now we improved this result. This dinamic of a revenue growth from sales confirms that the group strategy of expansion into foreign markets and the introduction of a product range of solutions for the medical industry is profitable. Most of the revenue are being generated by contracts signed with foreign partners, what emphasizes the growing position of Comarch in the world, and the results of the market at a medical record are growing. Even more - while maintaining the established strategy - strengthening our market position and generate a satisfactory value for shareholders is real is further is real - says Konrad Tarański, Vice President of Comarch and Chief Financial Officer.

Increase of 826 people in the number of employees

The year 2015 was also a time of employment growth within the Comarch Group. New jobs were created in the Polish branch of the company, as well as in the offices located around the world, these being : Belgium, Chile, Spain, Malaysia, Turkey and Italy. Currently, Comarch is employing more than 5 000 people, in 2015 826 people were hired, an increase in employment of 19.6 percent. At the same time, Comarch invests in its IT infrastructure and new office space, a new office building in Kraków special economic zone and a data center in Cracow. As well as the company investing in a new office building in Lodz.