Munich, 03.08.2011 The Comarch product portfolio for small and medium-sized enterprises in German speaking countries (DACH region) is being united under a standardized brand profile. The individual products will be designated under the Comarch umbrella brand by their product category and will therefore be known as: “Comarch ERP”, “Comarch ECM”, “Comarch EDI”, “Comarch BI” and “Comarch CRM & Marketing”. Their graphic presentation will also be standardized. This will allow the marketing activities of the various products to be bundled, thereby increasing the recognizability of the Comarch brand.

Up to now, Comarch’s wide-ranging product portfolio for SMEs has been marketed by individual brands with different product names and graphic representations (each product has had its own logo). However, when a lot of individual product brands are marketed, the separate marketing activities do little to reinforce the main brand and vice versa – the individual brands also benefit little from the main brand. The ERP brand Comarch Semiramis, for example, has its own brand profile that differs graphically and in terms of color to that of the Comarch brand as well as to the company’s other ERP products – Comarch Altum and Comarch SoftM Suite. In future all the product brands will be derived from Comarch’s profile as a branded house.  The Comarch blue will be complemented by a particular shade of green that is already used in the presentation of the main brand.

In the area of standard business management software solutions (ERP), the product name “Comarch Semiramis” will change to “Comarch ERP Enterprise”, “Comarch Altum” will become “Comarch ERP Business” and “Comarch SoftM Suite” will be transformed into “Comarch ERP Suite”. In the area of Document Management and Enterprise Content Management (DMS/ECM), “InfoStore ECM” will become “Comarch ECM” (see below for an overview of all the name changes).

- We are positioning ourselves as the provider of a comprehensive portfolio of IT services for small and medium-sized enterprises. With a range of different, independent brands this is only possible to a limited extent. For this reason we have opted for a standardized brand profile that will present Comarch as a provider of high-quality IT services with high recognizability across all its different products. This rebranding will enable us to bundle our marketing activities more effectively and to focus them more clearly, explains Prof. Janusz Filipiak, CEO of the Comarch Group and Managing Director of Comarch Software and Beratung AG.

Here’s an overview of the new product names within the Comarch SME portfolio:

Business area ERP:
Comarch Semiramis >         Comarch ERP Enterprise
Comarch Altum >                Comarch ERP Business
Comarch SoftM Suite >        Comarch ERP Suite

Business area Financials:
Comarch Semiramis Accounting >    Comarch Financials Enterprise
Comarch SoftM Suite Financials >    Comarch Financials Suite
Comarch DKS >                             Comarch Financials DKS
Comarch Schilling >                       Comarch Financials Schilling

Business area Document Management DMS/ECM:
InfoStore ECM >                            Comarch ECM

Business area EDI/B2B Communication

Comarch ECOD >                            Comarch EDI

Business area CRM

Comarch Loyalty >                          Comarch CRM & Marketing

Business area HR

Comarch Topas >                          Comarch HR 

Business area IT Infrastructure
Comarch IT Infrastructure >              Comarch IT Services

The following areas will have their own product names for the first time:

Business area Business Intelligence Comarch BI

Business area Data Center/Cloud Services Comarch Data Center
The logos for the Comarch SME portfolio have been standardized as follows:

The addition of this energetic shade of green, which now unifies the brand profiles and logos of all the products in Comarch's SME portfolio, emphasizes the modernity and innovative, dynamic character of the product range.