Comarch has inaugurated its first data centre in France. The data centre with a surface of 840 m2 is located in Lezennes, near Lille, at the site of Comarch's French registered office. Investment in own infrastructure is part of the company's strategy and is associated with plans to expand business operations within the French market.

This project has enabled Comarch to develop its ICT offers and to ensure projects for its current and future customers are hosted in France. The data center will host retail, loyalty, CRM, EDI and GED projects, and provide support for cloud offers, mainly targeted at small and independent businesses.

"This EUR 8 million project, the third largest for the Comarch Group in 2017 in terms of investment, marks an important step in our development on the French market. It allows us to provide not only hosting services, but also complete end to end solutions for our customers in France. This is a clear message for our current and future customers about the importance we attach to the French market, with respect to customer satisfaction and our ambitions for the years to come", says Arkadiusz Iłgowski, CEO of Comarch France.The opening of the data center will be accompanied by the long-term recruitment of 20 to 30 people, who will manage its smooth operations and deployment of ICT offers.

Comarch has been focused on developing value-added hosting services for many years. To sustain this development, significant investments have been made in the construction of its own infrastructure, while cooperating with the best service providers. The Lezennes data center is the fifth largest in Comarch’s 15-strong network in Europe, North America and Asia (including partner establishments).

Comarch's ICT offers

While it mainly supports Comarch's SaaS offers, this tier-three data center also enables the company to offer PaaS and IaaS offers, and to develop full service data center facilities:

  • Comarch SaaS: the offer includes both the application and server infrastructure, together with technical support in relation to application management and IT infrastructure. Comarch guarantees 99.95% availability of critical systems per year.
  • Comarch PaaS: Comarch provides a system platform and hardware with a full range of services that support managed services, together with localized business applications in data center. This offer includes equipment (servers and boards), all necessary foreign licenses, operating systems and database administration, system layer management and network security management, redundant telecommunication links, and 24/7 monitoring of the entire system.
  • Comarch IaaS: equipment is co-located in a secure environment within the Comarch data center, designed and protected in accordance with the strictest compliance standards. Comarch provides support services (remote assistance), together with optional monitoring and backup services.
  • Comarch DRC: Comarch offers its customers a disaster recovery center service, either independently or as an optional add-on for subscribers to one of the other services. Transition time between the main data center and the backup data center, and the delay before such systems are functional again, will be defined by the SLA.