Comarch has published financial results for the year 2015. During this period, Comarch had 1.132 billion PLN consolidated sales revenue, compared to 1.038 billion PLN the previous year. 51 percent of the total revenue comes from sales in foreign markets, a share of export sales increased by 20 percent comparing to 2014. Operating profit for this period reached 113.0 mln PLN and has increased by 14.5 million PLN year to year. It is notable to emphasise the increase in sales revenue in the medical sector by more than 60 percent. Moreover, the company has increased staffing levels. In 2015, the Comarch Group has hired 826 new employees, an increase in employment of 19.6 percent.

Comarch also expanded its own infrastructure, and in the third quarter of 2015 Comarch completed the construction of another office building in Krakow special economic zone. In the new building there will be located a modern data center, an IT laboratory and a production plant of their electronic devices. This is the sixth investment of the company in the Krakow Special Economic Zone.

Foreign markets
Comarch, as a business, has been intensively developed beyond the Polish borders. In 2015 the company established offices in Malaysia, Canada, Sweden, Argentina and Italy. The expansion into new overseas markets achieved positive results, the share of export sales reached 51% of the total Group’s sales, comparing to 46 percent the year before. Dynamically increasing sales in North America, the UK and Benelux. In turn, the business activities carried on in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) generated nearly a quarter of the company's revenues.

- Another year in a row, the Comarch Group shows a solid financial results. This is the result of a consistently implemented strategy for many years based on our own products and the development of foreign business. The broad portfolio of modern IT systems and high-quality services make Comarch one of the major players in the market of IT solutions in Poland and much more often competes with major competitors, what is more, wins big contracts in foreign markets. Only in 2015 we signed an agreement with Swedish carrier Scandinavian Airlines and Turkish Airlines. We also continue cooperation with regular customers for many years. Even BP, which has been with us for 15 years, this year chose Comarch’s solution to enrich the loyalty program for customers in Spain - says Konrad Tarański, Vice President of Comarch S.A and CFO. In addition, we are constantly investing in the development of new and improvement of existing IT products. In 2015, expenditure on research and development exceeded 12% of sales revenues of the Group.

Medical market
For several years, the Group invests in IT solutions for the medical industry (Teleradiology, Telemedicine, HIS systems, systems for managing medical records), including software development, medical devices and the provision of services based thereon. As a result of the merger iMed24 SA and ESAProjekt sp. o.o. the new entity Comarch Healthcare S.A. was created, which in addition to the services of a modern Medical Center, offers a range of IT solutions for the medical industry. Consistently carried out activities of both investment and organisational yielded positive results and the company recorded revenue growth of 60.8 percent from the sale of software and services for the medical sector to the level of 49.9 mln PLN, which accounted for 4.4 percent. Group's total revenue.
Employment growth and development of own infrastructure

Due to the rapid development, Comarch is constantly looking for professionals in Poland, as well as companies operating around the world, Belgium, Chile, Spain, Malaysia, Turkey and Italy. Currently, Comarch is employing more than 5 000 people, in 2015, 826 people were hired, an increase in employment of 19.6 percent.