Comarch has opened a new office in Łódź. Kraków-based IT company has been present in Łódź since 2006 and is currently planning to increase its employment in response to the growth of its business. The company is looking for programmers, system engineers, analysts, as well as product development and sales specialists.   

The official opening of Comarch’s new office at Jaracza Street took place on 21 June. The ceremony was attended by: Hanna Zdanowska, Mayor of the City of Łódź, Witold Stępień, Marshall of Łódź Voivodeship and Karol Młynarczyk, Deputy Voivode of Łódź Voivodeship.
Comarch’s new office building has been integrated with the original walls of the former Weiner factory. All construction work was strictly supervised by a conservation officer.

Comarch has more than 5,400 employees in 30 countries worldwide. There are more than 300 staff members working in Łódź, and the new building will provide working space for 600 people. Additional office space will help to create more jobs.

- Łódź provides a great example of how modern technologies and the related experience can support one of the most important things, namely human relations. Such relations and values and good application of modern technologies can inspire us to build a new better future. As Łódź has experience in relying on these two aspects, we can propose changes and pioneer new trends – says Hanna Zdanowska, Mayor of the City.

– Łódź is a mature academic centre boasting 16 universities. As a result, there are well-qualified IT, programming, and telecommunications graduates along with economists and marketing specialists available on the local labour market. An effectively selected team is capable of achieving great business objectives. That’s why we want Łódź to become our second - in addition to Kraków - business centre in Poland – says Prof. Janusz Filipiak, founder, president and CEO of the Management Board of Comarch.

Comarch’s investment in Łódź comprised two projects: an adaptation of a pre-war building of Wiener’s factory and an erection of a building for conference and office purposes. Conservation works led to renovation of the former factory building, where the original wood and cast iron elements were preserved. Additionally, a comprehensive renovation of the building’s elevation and structural elements was conducted. All works were carried out in accordance with guidelines provided by the conservation officers as the factory is on the list of protected historical monuments. The three floors of the former factory were converted into office space.

The new building has nine floors above ground and one floor below ground, and was designed to match the industrial character of Łódź’s architecture. During the design stage consideration was given to environmental issues, lowering of energy consumption, and the maximum use of natural lighting.The use of construction elements with high insulation capability, combined with solar control glass will help maintaining the building’s energy balance at a very good level.

Additionally, the buildings were designed in such a way as to improve working conditions: the roof of the old factory and the 6th floor of the office building were provided with gardens. People working in the building may also use a green area near the eastern edge of the plot.

The total area of Comarch’s office spans 8,700 sq. m. Both employees and visitors can use an underground parking lot and bicycle racks. In the near future, the plot will also feature a ground-level parking area.

The project was designed by NOW Architecture Studio, with Skanska acting as the general contractor.