The Comarch Annual Report for 2011 presents information concerning the financial situation of the Comarch Group, its key markets and the development of Comarch's knowledge-based workforce.

The Comarch Annual Report for 2011 is an accessible summary of Comarch Group's business activity. 73 pages of the report contain financial statements in Euro and U.S. dollars, the structure of sales by region and market type as well as company activities regarding sponsorship and CSR. Every year the Comarch Group presents two versions of its financial report: a stock market report and a marketing report. The stock market report is provided to our shareholders, investors and stock market analysts, while the marketing report is a useful sales tool.

The marketing report is usually published in May. Its main purpose is to show clients how reliable we are as a company. In the opinion of clients it is a much more credible way of presenting products and services than through traditional marketing tools.  

Along with the financial data as of the 31st December of the previous year, the marketing report presents updated information thanks to the May figures, which is why it is so accurate. Comarch is dedicated to delivering the most recent and valuable data to its shareholders, investors, clients and business partners.
The Comarch Annual Report is presented in The Best Annual Report contest every year and it is always well received.

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