The Comarch Annual Report for 2009 presents information about: the company's focus on innovation,  its development of a knowledge-based workforce, sponsorship of a German soccer team as well as the company's activities regarding sponsorship and CSR.

Comarch summarizes the 2009 fiscal year in nearly 100 pages of its Annual Report. The Comarch Group has once again increased the scale of its activities and has achieved positive financial results in spite of the crisis in the Polish and world economy. The report contains a financial statement in Euro and U.S. dollars, structure of sales by region, and market type.

- Business is based on knowledge. Knowledge is in the minds of people working here at Comarch; therefore, I support my employees’ constant development and further training. Comarch employees must possess MBA degrees, continue post-graduate studies and gather knowledge - Janusz Filipiak in exposing his management philosophy on the Annual Report.

One of the chapters of the Annual Report presents Comarch’s activities in sponsorship and social responsibility. The company is very involved in this kind of activity and supports the promotion of athletics as well as the latest IT technology. In the report, Professor Filipiak states: - Our commitment to a club with such a rich tradition as the TSV club is a part of a larger vision of strengthening Comarch’s position in Germany and Western Europe. We are taking advantage of the club’s positive reputation. The German market is more mature in the use of sports in promotional activities and marketing. The TSV logo is an old, well known and respected trademark. The fact that we can use it is a big advantage.

The most important contracts for Comarch in 2009 are also presented in the Annual Report and include contracts with companies including: CPI MIA, OnePhone Deutschland, Mars Poland Sp. Ltd., Comarch Internet Banking, Auchan Telecom, Comarch Asset Management at Aviva PTE, Comarch Internet Banking in Poland’s DZ BANK SA and JetBlue Airways Corporation. A portfolio of solutions, products and services is presented for the first time in the Annual Report .