The football club 1860 Munich and the Comarch Group, an international IT group with its head office in Cracow have forged a special partnership. Comarch will become a ‘presenter’ in the second half of the 2009/2010 season and has thus purchased various advertising and marketing rights, in particular for 1860 Munich home matches at the Allianz stadium.

At a press conference in Munich today, Comarch, represented by its German subsidiary Comarch AG, signed a contract with TSV München von 1860 GmbH & Co. KgaA, which includes the purchase of a set of advertising rights for the second half of the 2009/2010 Bundesliga 2 season. Among other rights, Comarch will be entitled to present the company at 1860 Munich home games in the Allianz stadium on various boards and video walls. Comarch is now ranked among the lions’ top three sponsors.

It has furthermore been agreed that in March 2010, discussions will be held with regard to a potential extension to the partnership and to its arrangements. Comarch, a leading supplier of software for telecommunications companies, banks, commercial enterprises and SMEs is seeking a long-term partnership with 1860 Munich. The company already has a 49% holding in the Cracow football club Cracovia, which plays in the first division in Poland.

Comarch founder and chief executive Janusz Filipak explained at the press conference in Munich: Our commitment to the historic team 1860 Munich is part of our efforts to step up operations in Germany and Western Europe. Last year, we significantly increased our presence in Germany through a majority holding in SoftM AG. We have now raised the existing partnership between SoftM and 1860 Munich to a new level. Our aim is to help give 1860 Munich the place it deserves in professional football and we will benefit ourselves from the club’s profile.

1860 Munich chief executive Manfred Stoffers said: We have found a powerful partner in Comarch and in particular, its chief executive Professor Filipiak, who are well aware of the difficulties but also the opportunities and potential of a football club like 1860 Munich from their own experience. With a hint of pride, he added: “When an exceptionally gifted self-made man like Professor Filipiak decides to collaborate with us, this is not just a financial boost for us but also a compliment. Ultimately, he is endorsing our importance and moreover our potential for development, which his company is seeking to support and use.