View CNN’s coverage of Comarch. One of the most well known British journalists, Fionnuala Sweeney, will provide prime time coverage (9:30pm Polish time) from various Polish cities including Warsaw and Krakow. The program can be seen by people from Europe, the Middle East and Africa. At 9:30pm on the 28th of June, CNN will air its report about Comarch.

From CNN’s point of view, Comarch is a good example of a company which represents the idea of „The Polish just do it”. In June CNN visited Poland - a country which is redefining itself in new and innovative ways. The country has seen a boost to its economy in recent years and was the only European country that did not slip into recession during the economic downturn.

CNN’s visit to Poland focused on the changes that are shaping the country's economy, culture and its social fabric. In 2008, the four-day series "Eye on Poland" documented our country as an interesting destination for both tourists and investors. A year later CNN journalists analyzed Poland’s role in the collapse of communism in its „Autumn of Change” report, which aired over the course of several days.

This year’s 2010 broadcast campaign„Visit Chopin in Warsaw”, with a budget of 300 thousand dollars, will air this week.

More video as well as information about Poland and Comarch will be displayed on CNN’s webiste.