The economic revival in Asia, as compared to the tendency for stagnation in the rest of word, has had a positive influence on the growth of Comarch Capital Group orders. Comarch has signed new contracts in China, Vietnam and Thailand.

Comarch and SoftM, a company acquired in December, have pursued their strategy on the Asian market and very aptly explored the situation in Asian.
According to the research firm Gartner, the estimated value of IT expenditure in China will continue to grow, with a downward trend in other regions.

- Asian markets have great potential. We can not lose this chance - said Janusz Filipiak, Comarch’s CEO. Comarch operates on the Asian market through its two daughter companies which are located in Shanghai, China and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

-SoftM has already signed the first partnership agreements. Companies cooperating with Comarch search for end customers, implement software and provide support - said Piotr Piątosa, CEO of the Germany company, SoftM (Comarch Group).   
SoftM has received a contract to provide 1000 Semiramis licenses in China in 2009. Demand is adapted to the Chinese market (in terms of language and rules) the system for the management of the company is estimated to include approximately 10,000 licenses.. Customers being targeted for this system are medium sized manufacturing and trade companies, with more than 500 employees. There are many of these kinds of companies in China.
Comarch has also begun an implementation project for an Internet banking platform in one of the leading banks of the Thai market. The planned project includes several corporate Internet banking systems. The completion of the first phase of the implementation and the launch of the production system is planned for the first quarter of 2010.
Comarch ECOD, the popular platform for the automated exchange of electronic invoices and orders between producers and retail chains, has been available on the Asian market for several months. Comarch has just begun an ECOD pilot project with a large Vietnamese network, which plans to launch electronic communication with their 2500 suppliers. The Polish listed company has employed local specialists who will staff sales teams, call center support and development. Comarch is soon planning to open a dedicated Data Center in China for projects in Asia.