RB-8-2013 Recommendation of Comarch S.A.’s Management Board Regarding Dividend

The Management Board of Comarch S.A. hereby announces that they shall recommend to the company’s General Shareholders’ Meeting the following distribution of the net profit achieved by Comarch S.A. in 2012:
a) PLN 12,077,455.50 (twelve million seventy-seven thousand four hundred fifty-five zlotys and 50/100) will be paid as dividend. Persons who will be the company’s shareholders on the dividend’s day will get the dividend in the amount of PLN 1.50  per one share. The dividend will be allocated to 8,051,637 shares.
b)The remaining part of the net profit in the amount of PLN 29,526,384.39 (twenty-nine million five hundred twenty-six thousand three hundred eighty-four and 39/100) will be passed to supplementary capital.