RB-39-2005 Acquisition of Preference Shares

ComArch SA informs that it has received notification today from Mrs Elzbieta Filipiak and Mr Janusz Filipiak concerning their acquisition of 94,000 inscribed ComArch SA shares on 28 October 2005 as a result of which they have become the shareholders of 3,289,393 shares providing them with 10,245,393 votes at the Annual General Meeting.

These shares constitute 47.29% of the company's share capital and entitle Mr and Mrs Filipiak to 73.06% of AGM votes. Prior to the above-mentioned acquisition, Mr and Mrs Filipiak owned 3,195,393 shares entitling them to 9,775,393 AGM votes. This constituted 45.94% of the company's share capital and providing them with 69.71% of AGM votes. The company issued information concerning the agreement signing for the above-mentioned share transfer in report no 37/2005.