RB-38-2005 Agreement with the Ministry of Education and Science

On 28 October 2005, the ComArch SA consortium together with the Polish Foundation of Computer Education (Ogólnopolska Fundacja Edukacji Komputerowej) signed an agreement with the Ministry of Education and Science for the supply, installation and integration of all elements of multimedia information internet centres (MIIC) in school libraries, regional pedagogical libraries and branches of regional pedagogical libraries throughout Poland.

The agreement is worth 19.473 m PLN. In meeting its agreement obligations, the consortium will supply MIICs to 1124 schools, 49 regional pedagogical libraries as well as 273 branches of regional pedagogical libraries.

In accordance with the agreement regulations, the maximum amount of agreement penalties has not been set. In the event of not meeting the delivery deadline, the consortium could be liable to pay statutory interest rates for each day of delay. In the event of the Ministry withdrawing from the agreement through the consortium's fault, the penalty is the equivalent to 5% of the unfulfilled part of the agreement. In cases of network delivery or installation that is not in accordance with the agreement terms, the penalty is equivalent to 1% of the value of network delivery or installation, per each day that it is not replaced. In cases of delay in delivery of warranty service, the agreement stipulates a penalty of 5% of the value of the MIIC supplied for each day until it is repaired. In certain cases stipulated in the agreement, penalties of 50% of the value of the undelivered MIIC could be imposed. Payment of penalties does not exclude instigation of further compensation claim proceedings for amounts greater than the penalties. The value of Comarch's share capital constitutes the agreement's criterion.