RB-37-2005 Agreement for the Sale of 94,000 ComArch SA Registered Preference Shares

ComArch SA was informed that an agreement was signed today for the sale of 94,000 ComArch registered preference shares. Resultant from the sale, Mr. Janusz Filipiak and Mrs. Elzbieta Filipiak acquired 47,000 series A shares and 47,000 series B shares from Mr. Tomasz Maciantowicz, valued at 60 PLN per share.

The total value of the transaction is 5,640,000 PLN. The transaction did not take place on the regulated market due to the fact that ComArch's inscribed shares are not publicly traded or quoted on the stock exchange.

Concurrently, ComArch SA informs that on the basis of Art.8 Act.5 of the company's Statute, with resolution nr 2/16/2005 from 3 October 2005, the Management Board of ComArch SA consented for Mr. Tomasz Maciantowicz to sell 94,000 preferred shares to Mr. and Mrs. Filipiak. This will not alter the number of votes held by Mr and Mrs Filipiak due to their status as company shareholders on 18 March 1998.

Professor Janusz Filipiak is the company's President and CEO, Mrs. Elzbieta Filipiak is the Chairperson of the company's Supervisory Board, Mr. Tomasz Maciantowicz is the company's Vice-President.