RB-21-2005 End of Subscription for G3 Series Shares


Type of securities  regular bearer's shares
Series: G3
Opening date: 07 June 2005
Closing date: 08 June 2005
Date for allocation of securities: 08 June 2005
Number of securities offered: 102,708
Reduction rates in particular portions: 0%
Number of subscribed securities: 102,708
Number of allocated securities: 102,708
The value of subscription or sale in PLN thou.: 102.71
The amount of issue costs in PLN thou.: 63.00

Portion name: Addressed to the President of the ComArch SA Management
Acquisition price: 1.00
Number of subscribed persons: 1
Number of persons with allocated securities: 1

The series to which the following costs refer: G3
Offer preparation and presentation: 10,000.00
Preparing the prospectus: 53,000.00
Offer promotion: 0.00
Total: 63,000.00
Average cost per unit of securities: 0.61
The method of settling the costs in the books of account and the method of their inclusion in the financial statement of the issuer: The costs of the G3 Series shares issue shall be included in financial costs in entirety.