RB-17-2023 Signing of the Agreement for the Purchase of MKS Cracovia SSA shares by Comarch S.A.

Management Board of Comarch S.A. informs about the signing on the 1st of December, 2023, the agreement for purchase by Comarch S.A. of a block of shares of the Miejski Klub Sportowy Cracovia Sportowa Spółka Akcyjna (sports joint stock company) with its registered office in Kraków (30-111), ul. Józefa Kałuży 1 (hereinafter referred to as the “MKS Cracovia SSA”). 

As part of the transaction, Comarch S.A. acquires from Krakow Municipality 73,480 (in words: seventy-three thousand four hundred and eighty) ordinary registered shares of MKS Cracovia SSA series A and B with a nominal value of PLN 100 (in words: one hundred zlotys) each (hereinafter referred to as the "Share package"). 

The price for the Share Package is PLN 21,206,328 (in words: twenty-one million, two hundred and six thousand, three hundred and twenty-eight zlotys), and the price for one share is PLN 288.60 (in words: two hundred and eighty-eight zlotys and 60/100). 

As a result of concluding the above-mentioned transaction, Comarch S.A. will become the owner of 217,861 (in words: two hundred and seventeen thousand, eight hundred and sixty-one) ordinary registered shares of MKS Cracovia SSA series A, B, C, D, E, F and G with a nominal value of PLN 100 (in words: one hundred zlotys) each, i.e. with a total nominal value of PLN 21,786,100 (in words: twenty-one million seven hundred eighty-six thousand one hundred zlotys), constituting 99.75% of the share capital of MKS Cracovia SSA. 

Pursuant to Art. 3289 § 1 of the Commercial Companies and Partnerships Code, the acquisition of shares takes place upon entry in the Register of Shareholders. 

The company considered the above information to be an inside information due to a significant increase in its share in MKS Cracovia SSA, which will affect the net result attributable to the shareholders of Comarch S.A. in subsequent periods.