RB-11-2021 Signing the Agreement on Delivery and Maintenance of IT Systems for 450connect

On the 19th of July, 2021 Comarch AG, a wholly owned subsidiary of Comarch S.A., signed a framework agreement with 450connect GmbH. The subject matter of this framework agreement is delivery and maintenance of software, on the terms specified in the agreement. Presupposing, that the contract runs for the entire term of 20 years without being terminated by either party, Comarch AG will receive a remuneration of approximately EUR 42,300,000.00 i.e. PLN 194,059,710.00 (in words: one hundred ninety four million fifty-nine thousand seven hundred and ten zlotys and 00/100) over the term. Commercial conditions of the agreement and Comarch AG liability for the compensation of damages are in line with market standards used in similar agreements.

Comarch S.A.’s Management Board recognized this information as an inside information due to the value of the agreement and due to its potential influence on the financial and economic situation of Comarch Group.