PROF. JANUSZ FILIPIAK, Founder, President and CEO of Comarch SA

Janusz Filipiak was born in 1952, graduated from the Krakow AGH Technical University in 1976, and received a title of Professor in 1991.

Janusz Filipiak worked within the field of advanced technologies for nearly forty years. In the eighties he conducted research at the CNET France Telecom laboratories in Paris. He was Acting Director of the Teletraffic Research Centre at the University of Adelaide in Australia. He worked in laboratories in the USA and Canada. Professor Filipiak has written more than one hundred papers on data communication published in the IEEE Transactions on Communications, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, Operations Research, and other journals known worldwide.

He published six books, including Modelling and Control of Dynamic Flows in Communications Networks, Springer-Verlag 1988, and Real Time Network Management, North Holland 1991. He was also editor of Telecommunication Services for Developing Economies, Elsevier 1991 and other journals.

In 1993 Janusz Filipiak founded Comarch, a software company, which today employs nearly five thousand people in over twenty countries.

In 2012 the Professor was awarded the prestigious IEEE Communications Society Distinguished Industry Leader Award for his remarkable contribution to the development of the communications industry and information technologies.

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