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Transform your Environment into a Managed Multi-cloud

What is your cloud strategy?

Are you considering public, private or on-premises solutions? Comarch Managed Multi-cloud Services help IT achieve the full benefits of multi-cloud ecosystems thanks to our broad range of our industry-leading, vendor-agnostic solutions. We have a long history of managing IT for large enterprises, where multiple cloud platforms interact seamlessly alongside legacy and traditional IT environments. Our expertise in multi-cloud solutions makes us a perfect strategic partner for your business.

To make a multi-cloud environment work for your business, we help you:

Key benefits

The benefits of Managed Multi-cloud Services from Comarch include:

  • Leveraging multiple clouds gives you more choices. Various public cloud providers and Comarch each have different features and strengths. A multi-cloud strategy enables you to mix and match these services based on your organizational goals and specific needs.
  • Ongoing management of your multi-cloud environment, freeing  your internal IT staff to focus on business initiatives.
  • Ability to handle legacy applications, next-generation applications and specific workloads.
  • Various managed services on both cloud and legacy IT platforms.
  • With the dynamic nature of multi-cloud applications and tools, it is critical to align the activities of various teams to maintain security and compliance.
  • Ensuring smooth migrations to the cloud through consultations and guidance.
  • Single point of contact in any IT -related case.

Whether you are looking for public, private or other advanced managed cloud services, Comarch has the means to help you manage your multi-cloud environment with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability. 

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Managed Multi-cloud Services

Cloud Migration

Comarch Cloud Migration services help you to move your organization’s infrastructure, applications and business processes to cloud, thus freeing up your IT resources. Our solutions mitigate risk, maximize performance and invoke robust, repeatable processes leading to future business growth. Learn more about cloud migration solutions for your apps, data, and IT infrastructure here:

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Our Clients

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    Heathrow Airport

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    Eliminating outage incidents and decreasing network vulnerabilities with Comarch Data Center services
  • Jetblue Airways

    Jetblue Airways

    Reducing application response time and increasing data processing speed by deploying Comarch Data Center services
  •  Valeo


    Comarch IT Outsourcing Services for Valeo Germany
  • Boots


    See how Comarch Data Center services influence growth and customer satisfaction at Boots E-Wallet
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