Cloud Managed Services (PaaS)

Integrate and manage your cloud environment more effectively

In the new cloud reality, sustained and competitive advantage can only be achieved by applying your resources to the right problems, at the right time, with the right strategy. Keep that work in-house and you may not be able to maintain pace with your competitors.

To help you maximize the potential of the cloud, Comarch delivers a wide range of managed services designed to meet your business requirements. Cloud Managed Services guarantee the support required throughout every stage of your company’s journey to the cloud, regardless of the complexity of the IT applications and services involved. Remove the need for costly internal resources or assets associated with running cloud infrastructure. We deliver all aspects of the provision and management of your cloud, as one service. By providing ongoing management of your cloud infrastructure, you are free to focus on your applications. Comarch Managed Services in the Cloud brings together the power of a cloud platform with deep expertise in the management and optimization of the infrastructure environment. Trust our experienced system engineers and DevOps to keep your business-critical IT environment optimized and running around the clock.

Implementing best practices to maintain your infrastructure, Comarch helps to reduce your operational overheads and risk. Comarch Cloud Managed Services improve agility, reduce costs, and unburden you from infrastructure operations so you can direct resources towards expanding your business.

The scope of services

  • Cloud environment design, implementation/migration, optimization
  • Cloud Platform management (single/multi/hybrid clouds)
  • Integration of cloud infrastructure with other parts of your enterprise IT
  • Managed operating systems (Unix/Linux, Windows)
  • Managed database (relational, noSQL)
  • Managed middleware and web server
  • Proactive IT environment monitoring - identification and resolution of issues before they impact your business
  • Managed network and security
  • Backup services
  • Comarch Disaster Recovery Center design and management
  • ITIL processes tailored for your cloud

Scope of Cloud Managed Services (PaaS)


  • Predictable, recurring monthly costs give you full financial control
  • Quick time to market by allowing your business to focus on critical activities
  • Reduction of total cost of ownership (TCO) - all investments are only on the provider’s side
  • Focus on your core business without worrying about the complexities of the underlying infrastructure
  • Reduce the complexity of managing cloud infrastructure
  • Various pricing models allow you to pay only for what you use
  • Agility - your business can increase the speed of development and deployment of IT environments
  • Continuous access to the most advanced technologies while keeping costs low
  • A dedicated point of contact for your cloud infrastructure. We are here to guide you through any issues or changes — from start to finish.

Benefits of Cloud Managed Services (PaaS)

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