Comarch contribution in creating worldwide technology standards

Great knowledge of the certification organizations environment 


Comarch has been a reliable partner in the certification environment since 2007, when we created a new version of  the Certification Tool for UPnP. Initialization of our activities in certification was directly connected with cooperation with Nokia and  UPnP protocol implementation in Nokia devices. Over the years, we’ve worked with various organizations and gained knowledge of how to support certification bodies at each step of the creation of certification programs. Cooperation with leading standardization organizations has helped us to build our own portfolio of products and services for certification alliances, and to position our team as an equal partner in projects.

Comarch Automated Test Framework

Comarch has developed test tools for numerous organizations using various technologies and meeting different requirements. Sometimes, a test tool is not just a question of software. In some cases, additional hardware part is required to provide appropriate certification abilities like for the AirFuel Alliance and its ATLs – and that’s where Comarch hardware design, prototyping and production experience is very useful. In fact, the AirFuel Alliance Automated Testing System is the best example of a Comarch innovation. This pioneering project supports the standardization of wireless power and the construction of a global, interoperable wireless power ecosystem based on AirFuel Resonant. As an innovative company, we are very proud to support AirFuel Alliance in the global wireless charging revolution. 

AirFuel Alliance is a global coalition of innovative companies which are committed to a world where we can power up without plugging in. The Alliance develops universal standards for leading-edge wireless power technologies and accelerates their adoption by building a global, interoperable wireless power ecosystem supported by eco-friendly infrastructure through approved specifications and testing protocols. AirFuel Resonant and AirFuel RF technologies enable rapid charging of multiple devices simultaneously and wirelessly. For more information visit

Test Development Automation

Test development is another product that Comarch creates for certification organizations. Over the course of 13 years, we have gained wide knowledge about every step of the development of certification programs, from specification to tool development, test implementation and the implementation of new tests and verticals. This adds huge value in our dialogue with organizations, where test development tends to take up a lot of time. In this particular area, we have always been a reliable and flexible partner for organizations with different approaches to test development. Finding the most suitable solution usually requires a number of technical conversations, and that’s where our wide expertise is highly appreciated.   

Virtual Plugfest

The most important things for us are to be close to our customers, to connect with them systematically and to help them reach their goals. That’s why Comarch has organized a number of consortium summits, plugfests and other events in our headquarters in Kraków. This has allowed us to gain deep knowledge about the needs, requirements, challenges and weaknesses of the distributed organizational structure in alliances. In fact, it was why we built the Virtual Plugfest solution. The benefits of virtual events include low costs, minimal complications related to travel, high efficiency, the possibility to perform remote interoperability testing of devices between different vendors, and independence from other random factors. Our concept provides dedicated access via TCP/IP protocol to virtual rooms, allowing users to work together remotely – which has proved particularly important during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Comarch can provide a configured router to give users remote access to the plugfest or deliver certificates that, after installation, allow users to work remotely with other plugfest participants.

Comprehensive solutions, the support of experts and vast knowledge of the certification and standardization environment allow us to support our clients throughout the process. Over the years we have been appreciated as a valuable, long-term partner and active member of the Open Connectivity Foundation and have been awarded in the OCF Outstanding Contributor Award Program. Proactive approach in OCF Certification Test Tools development, establishing OCF as a leading communication standard and hosting events such as plugfests and OCF face to face meetings were noted and appreciated by the Contest Committee.

We are open to challenges and always aim to be a partner for our customers, cooperating in the delivery of complete services and products.

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Jakub Górski

Certification Business Development Manager

Mobile phone: +48 606 796 661