Empowering Interconnected IT Solutions – Comarch’s Certification Journey

In today’s interconnected world, the need for seamless interactions between diverse IT systems has never been greater. Professionals and end-users expect various solutions to work together in harmony, but achieving a high level of interoperability can be challenging. IT certifications are created to address this problem. Join us as we delve into the world of interoperability certifications and their pivotal role in delivering a seamless experience.

What is certification?

Certification ensures that new technologies adhere to specific technology standards and can communicate effectively with other solutions. It also determines the implementation and use of those technologies to provide interoperability for end-users.

Comarch as a reliable certification partner

As a reputable company known for its IT services, Comarch has been a reliable certification partner since 2007. Since then, we have created a new version of the Certification Tool for UPnP, and worked with numerous organizations, mastering the art of conducting certification programs. We currently, offer test tool development, process automation and consulting services connected to certification. Additionally, Comarch organizes training and testing events, and provides other services that aid the certification cycle in authorized test laboratories (ALSs).

As a test equipment vendor, Comarch supports organizations in developing certification programs and verifies compliance with established standards. We create test tools to confirm technology compliance, gaining a deep understanding of communication protocols and modules. 

Comarch’s collaborations with leading industry organizations

Our tools for ensuring compliance with standards and devices have helped certification organizations worldwide to develop cutting-edge solutions. We have collaborated with industry leaders such as the Car Connectivity Consortium, AVNU Alliance, LoRa Alliance, Open Connectivity Foundation, and more. Comarch has also partnered with top tech companies such as Qualcomm, Qorvo, NXP, SGS, STMicroelectronics, and Sony.

FiRa consortium partnership

One of Comarch’s proudest collaborations is with the FiRa Consortium, a group dedicated to developing certification programs that enable interoperability in ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. Through this alliance, we’ve developed various FiRa test tools with full capabilities and authorization to certify solutions and create persuasive use cases using IEEE 802.15.4z UWB secured fine-ranging technologies:

  • Comarch FiRa MAC Conformance Test Tool
  • Comarch FiRa Interoperability Test Tool
  • Comarch FiRa Device
  • Comarch FiRa Sample Device Set

Disseminating  and implementing new standards

The products mentioned above are continuously developed in strict adherence to the evolving FiRa specification. At Comarch, we take pride in delivering the latest software versions regularly to our esteemed clients, ensuring they stay ahead in the fast-paced tech landscape.

In the realm of certification, Comarch’s goes beyond the ordinary by actively contributing to the promotion and implementation of new industry standards and providing expert tech support to other members of the organization.

This level of engagement and expertise has elevated Comarch from being solely a test tool vendor to becoming a highly valued partner in the certification arena. As a result, our company serves as a prominent member of certification organizations and an exceptional commercial partner, fostering meaningful collaborations within the IT sector.