thyssenkrupp Automotive Technology Chooses Comarch as Partner for Infrastructure Standardization Projects
Comarch was chosen by thyssenkrupp Automotive Technology, one of the leading suppliers and engineering partners to the international auto industry, to be its IT outsourcing partner. As a result, we were helping this hugely successful brand improve its business efficiency and gain a competitive advantage by carrying our various IT infrastructure projects such as domain migration and network standardization.

A few years ago, thyssenkrupp Automotive Technology was facing multiple challenges concerning their IT infrastructure that, if solved, could lead to significant improvements in business performance.

Firstly, its infrastructure was based on many different standards; thus, it was highly problematic for the company to run its operations globally and do so effectively. Secondly, with many IT areas at the different development stage, there was a risk of production downtime and financial losses. Thirdly, the company didn’t have one centralized communication tool.

Therefore, the company decided to find an outsourcing partner that could solve those issues and create a truly modern, future-proof IT environment. This is how our collaboration started.

"Comarch proved to be a very reliable and trusted partner in the field of IT Infrastructure projects. It proved that it can carry out projects locally and remotely, with the help of local partners. We are satisfied with our cooperation and the flexibility of Comarch as it quickly adapted to any change in this project.  I would definitely recommend Comarch as a provider of ICT services." – says Ronald ten Wolde, IT Infrastructure Standardization and Harmonization Program Manager.

As part of the IT Infrastructure Standardization and Harmonization Program, Comarch has helped thyssenkrupp Automotive Technology in the following areas: on-site assessment, domain migration, network standardization, implementation of Skype for Business, migration of mailboxes. Our team of highly-trained engineers and business professionals was always there to support the company. As a result, thyssenkrupp Automotive Technology has been able to improve its remote productivity quite significantly. This entire Infrastructure Project has been very important for thyssenkrupp Automotive Technology because it helped prepare the company’s IT environment for the cloud adoption. 

If you want to know more about our IT Infrastructure Services and other outsourcing projects, please visit our official website.

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