IBM Power Systems are leading infrastructure solutions throughout the world. Today’s world demands optimized and secure servers which adapt to contemporary business challenges, including big data. Comarch offers fully managed services for IBM Power Systems. Discover the opportunities associated with IBM infrastructure and Comarch services.


IBM & Comarch 

Comarch is the certified partner of IBM Corporation and offers a full range of IBM Power systems products. Furthermore, Comarch Data Center offers fully managed services for those systems, what allows a company to increase efficiency and reduce costs associated with operating IBM Power Systems.

For many companies, it’s more cost effective to use the services of a professional data center. Comarch focuses on the development of data center services, which is why we invests in building new data centers or cooperates with global service providers. This makes it possible for Comarch to provide clients with the highest quality of service.


Why Do Clients Choose Comarch?

At Comarch the aim of a solution design is always to ensure service high availability and reliability. Therefore Comarch data centers are located in different cities, usually 300-500km from clients’ premises. 

Our clients often say that Comarch’s flexibility as well as engagement from the very beginning of the sales process, and commitment to find the best solution ensures them that Comarch is the best choice for their business.

In addition, many clients emphasize that financial and organizational stability of a provider is very important for them. Comarch advantage lies in the fact that in last 20 years we observed a steady year to year revenue grow, and with one main strategic shareholder we are a stable and trustworthy company. 


Characteristics of Services

Comarch can offer a wide range of the services. For large international projects Comarch builds a completely separate and independent environment which may be used in production, disaster recovery, development, user acceptance etc. (on physically independent enterprise servers, located in three separate data centers in Dresden, Krakow and Warsaw). Similarly, production data can be collected in one data center, the back-up systems and test environment can be located in the second Data Center. Such solution enables instantaneous replication of production data from one Data Center to another Data Center. In case of failure of the production server such solution enables immediate switch to the backup machine and that is why production data is available for Client with minimal delay. It guarantees the minimum impact on critical business applications for the Customer. It is based on a strong and experienced team skilled in IBM i, and AIX technology.

Comarch Data Center provides comprehensive services for the provision and maintenance of complex IBM i/AIX system platforms in three main models:

Fully virtualized iSeries cloud hosted on Comarch Hardware in Comarch Data Center,

Hosting of your Hardware in Comarch Data Center,

Remote iSeries managed services, on Client’s existing Hardware located on Client’s premises.


In Practice

Recently Comarch has implemented a project for an international insurance and investment group. We have built a separate and independent environment for production, disaster recovery and development environments for seven European countries. Based on two data centers located in Krakow and Warsaw we provided and configured 21 virtual servers in POWER7 technology. Our solution enables instantaneous replication of production data from Krakow to backup systems in Warsaw. In case of a failure of the production server in Krakow, Comarch can immediately switch to the backup system in Warsaw and production data is available for our client almost instantly. Such a solution guarantees the minimum impact on critical business applications. This is one of our success stories. Comarch always takes every case individually and provides comprehensive pre-sales consulting services. What can we help you with?

Daniel Rembiszewski, Senior System Engineer

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