Comarch Global Operations Center invites you to visit!

"Cooperation" is a key word for designing the new Comarch Global Operations Center. Since February 2018 it is located in the new SSE7 building in Kraków. The main goal of the Global Operations Center is to expand and strengthen our company's ICT offer around the world.

Comarch Global Operations Center is here! It is bigger and brand new. Moving to new premises took place in February, but in fact we have been working in the appropriate environment since June. We invite you, along with our clients, to visit the new GOC, which is located on the 4th floor of the SSE7 building in Kraków. GOC status is 28 specialists who work in monitoring teams and service desks; some of them in 24/7 mode. The GOC also has a team of security specialists - Security Operations Center. We work on ITSM systems and systems that monitor client business processes and their IT infrastructure. We serve clients in many languages: Polish, English, German, Slovak and we have more versions to prepare (Italian, Spanish, French). We are open for business! - says Mariusz Bik, Director of the IT Services Center at Comarch SA.

Global Operations Center provides a wide range of services: from proactive monitoring of network status and client infrastructure, immediate response to any detected anomalies, to Service Desk offered in multiple languages and comprehensive security monitoring solutions. All services provided in GOC can be tailored to the individual needs of clients.

A comprehensive approach to maintaining the IT infrastructure requires specialists in many areas and their close cooperation. With such competence resources and experienced engineers, in 2018 Comarch established the Global Operations Center. It includes the following teams: cyber security experts, experienced network administrators and engineers supporting Comarch Loyalty Systems. This approach allows you to not only remove problems in a shorter time, but also allows you to look at any existing failure from many points of view. The symptomatic response is usually immediate, and we know that this approach is more often insufficient. A different approach is needed that takes into account a more in-depth analysis of the wider spectrum of potential failure causes. The idea is to proactively contribute to a better understanding of the incident, and then to enable the prompt introduction (after consultation with the client) of thoroughly thought out remedial actions before the monitored infrastructure performance actually deteriorates - explains Krzysztof Korski, Global Operations Manager at Comarch SA.

Do you want to see what work at Global Operations Center looks like? Do you want to invite your clients here to show them how we support their business with our services? If you have questions or are interested in visiting GOC, please contact Krzysztof Korski our Global Operations Manager.

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