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“Comarch IT Outsourcing – Smart Alternative” is the slogan of a marketing campaign run by ICT BU to promote IT Outsourcing solutions, mostly in international markets.

Why outsourcing? It is easy – we excel at it! Most companies can only dream of having their own real IT department. An independent and high-quality IT department is a rare find these days, something available to just a handful of companies. Most of them cannot afford to build their own IT departments that will simultaneously provide access to the latest technologies, optimize IT facilities and implement a security policy. Sooner or later, they face adversities, such as understaffing, the high cost of IT facilities and an insufficient budget for dedicated IT training, among others. What then? Then comes the COMARCH ICT team with a wide range of outsourcing services.

Managed by engineers and analysts from COMARCH ITC, COMARCH’s IT environment guarantees on-going business operation and the availability of IT systems. These are some of major benefits for the customers contracting Outsourcing IT from Comarch:

  • Optimization of IT infrastructure management cost;
  • Access to high-class specialists and the latest technology;
  • Focus on key business areas;
  • Security and uninterrupted operation of systems and business processes.

These days, trends such as cloud computing, BYOD, mobile apps and IoT are becoming permanent elements of enterprises. We follow global changes and know that such developments have a great impact on the whole IT infrastructure, security and management of individual business processes. In delivering our services, we address not just current developments but also the challenges of tomorrow.

“In the past few years, ICT BU has observed dynamic growth in the IT services provided by outsourcing businesses. The experience gained while providing outsourcing services in Poland, together with our organizational and processing maturity, allows us to bring these services to international markets and successfully win large contracts, mostly in DACH markets, but also in more exotic places, such as Chile. While delivering some of the services remotely (Service Desk, remote IT infrastructure management), we effectively blend high quality with competitive prices, with our customers showing great appreciation for our flexibility and readiness to deliver complementary IT projects. We also benefit from the trend, which is increasingly popular among West European businesses, of replacing their Far-East outsourcing providers with Central European businesses, a phenomenon referred to as nearshoring,” says Paweł Szymański, a Comarch ICT Consultant.

During the campaign, we are going to unveil the secrets behind our outsourcing services. To reach as large an audience as possible, we will present not just the benefits of delegating services to external companies, but we will also address the questions of what services should be outsourced and when it is worth going for this kind of service and use the expertise of the service provider in one’s daily business. We mostly want to showcase our knowledge and experience.. Please visit our campaign website: ICT - outsourcing integration and get to know our services.

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