ComarchNetwork Operations Center (NOC) is a comprehensive solution which provides outstanding technical support for all types of businesses and institutions. Thanks to its advanced functions, along with its automated and reliable system to monitor IT environments, this new Comarch service provides instrumental support for both administrators and IT managers. The project cost about 1 million zł, half of the amount was needed for the technical infrastructure. Comarch currently monitors 3500 network devices and two thousand servers for 100 clients from 17 countries.

- Comarch Network Operations Center is the first line of contact for our customers and is available 24 hours a day, all year round. It was established to be Comarch’s response to ever-increasing customer demands in regards to the level of quality of services and their scope. We monitor the availability of our customers’ network infrastructure elements and their operational performance. In the event of any failure, we immediately record the incident in our notification system and promptly initiate repair procedures. This consists of performing an initial diagnosis and notifying the customer about the registration of the failure. The current scope of our services includes geographical locations on 3 continents. With the support of project managers and engineers of the second (Cisco engineers) and the third tier of support (producers), we are confident that we can tailor our services to the needs of each customer and provide them with a sufficiently high level of support and compliance with latest industry standards – explains Krzysztof Korski, Manager of Monitoring Subcenter and Helpdesk.

The system facilitates monitoring the operational performance of:

  • network devices
  • devices that cannot be monitored via Ethernet network
  • PCs or servers running on MS Windows
  • UNIX/Linux servers
  • selected elements of the operating systems
  • VMware environment
  • SAN, LAN and WAN networks
  • selected elements of third party applications
  • databases: Oracle, MS SQL, DB2.

The reports provided can be used to verify the access availability of links, servers, services, reliability estimates, systems expansion planning, etc.

In the event of a failure, our specialists immediately respond to it. Depending on the diagnostic results, the problem is reported to the links supplier or we send a Comarch engineer to the customer’s site to analyze the root of the problem. At the same time, a Comarch NOC engineer is in constant contact with the customer, notifying them of the progress of works being carried out during emergency repairs. After the repairs are completed, we determine the root cause and notify the customer, who can then monitor service quality levels by using periodic SLA reports.

The main goal of Comarch Service Desk is to identify and record incidents in the notifications system and to categorize, prioritize and perform a preliminary diagnosis of incidents, including the analysis and implementation of specific parts of notifications in accordance with the agreed SLAs.

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