data center solutionsComarch meets the needs of its customers with respect to data storage by offering dedicated systems to perform backups and a secure location for its storage. Currently we can store 1,000 customer tapes in our safe and 4,000 more can be stored outside it. This can adequately accommodate up to 6 and 24 PB of data using the latest LTO-6 tape technology, or a capacity equal to 1 million Blu-ray discs or 35 million CDs.

The Safe Room at Comarch, where tapes containing data are stored, is protected with a double access-control zone – the first one is for all Comarch employees or accompanied guests; the other enjoys limited access for authorized personnel only. For more demanding customers, we offer additional protection in the form of a safe that meets stringent burglary protection standards (Burglary Resistance Security Class I in accordance with European standard EN 1143-1) and fire protection requirements (60-minute fire resistance in accordance with EN 1047-1, Class 60P).

Located in a seperate building to the Comarch Data Center (CDC) it provides secure storage not only for production system backups located at the customer's site but also for systems installed at CDCs in Krakow, Warsaw and Dresden. For the customer, this means saving costs and having continuous and fast access to information archives.

- The ever-growing amount of data is a very important issue for disk matrices and for system backups. Currently, databases with terabyte capacity (TB) are common even in medium-sized environments. Storing them is a big problem. To ensure the highest level of data security, a separate backup storage location should be provided to secure the data in the event of damage to the server room. This process allows you to recover data even in the event of a disaster such as fire or flood in the production server room – says Piotr Piątkowski, a consultant for Data Center and IT Security Systems.

Utilizing the production systems of Comarch Data Center and the Central Backup System of the Center, as well as an independent data storage facility, guarantees the highest level of security for customer data in the form of an all-inclusive, comprehensive service provided by Comarch Data Center.

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