Comarch’s Contribution to the Development of Cutting-edge Technologies

Did you know that Comarch is blazing trails in the certification environment? While designing solutions and tools to improve the certification and standardization process, Comarch is becoming one of the world’s leading experts on cutting-edge technologies. 

Due to being a member of organizations responsible for standardizing new technologies, Comarch supports the development of certification programs and creates solutions to verify compliance with established standards. As a result, the company gains valuable insight into the technologies in question. Why is this so important? What are its key benefits – for Comarch and the certification organizations with whom we work? Here are the most important takeaways. 

What is certification?

Certification is the development of specific technology standards that determine how technologies will be implemented and used. Its purpose is to provide interoperability for end users. Why does it matter? The value of interoperability can be illustrated by the Internet of Things. The basic idea behind IoT is the smooth cooperation of different systems, devices, and products. Such intercommunication between divergent appliances can only be possible when we establish a certain set of data and check whether our devices comply with those standards. Without this, we couldn’t integrate products by different manufacturers – we would have to rely solely on devices created by the same producer. That’s where certification programs come into play. 

Why is certification so important for Comarch?

Interoperability can’t happen unless devices are compliant with certain standards. But to check whether those criteria are met, we first need to create a certification tool to verify it. That’s what Comarch’s test tools are responsible for. ‘By coming up with such instruments and providing them to members of certification alliances, Comarch gains deep knowledge about specific communication protocols and modules that other companies use in end products. This turns Comarch into a very attractive partner for tech companies interested in utilizing communication modules, and gives us a very strong competitive advantage’ – says Zuzanna Palej, Director of the Certification Center. 

How do Comarch’s technologies help certification organizations?

Our tools for verifying compliance between standards and devices help certification organizations from all over the world develop cutting-edge solutions. We have been lucky to work with many such alliances, including FiRa Consortium, Car Connectivity Consortium, AVNU Alliance, LoRa Alliance, and Open Connectivity Foundation. We’ve also collaborated with top tech companies such as Qualcomm, Qorvo, NXP, SGS, STMicroelectronics, and Sony.

” We are especially proud of the cooperation with the FiRa Consortium that brings together the industry to develop the specifications and certification programs ensuring interoperability in the UWB ecosystem.” – says Zuzanna Palej, Director of the Certification Center. ‘The partnership with FiRa has resulted in the development of four important products – Comarch FiRa MAC Conformance Test Tool, Comarch FiRa Interoperability Test Tool, Comarch FiRa Device, and Comarch FiRa Sample Device Set. Our test tools are employed by tech companies and FiRa-authorized test laboratorie to certify solutions and develop compelling use cases based on IEEE 802.15.4z UWB secured fine ranging technologies.'