TechnologyCup! Winners

Introducing concepts from the home lab to the world – And they are up! We are pleased to announce the TechnologyCup winners. After long and careful deliberations, Comarch jury selected the winners of the health device, smart gadget and open project category.

The 9 final teams – 2 from Tri-City, 1 from Toruń and 6 from Kraków – have shown the most impressive growth for the past seven months and thanks to that were selected by our jury to compete against each other during the final gala of TechnologyCup! competition.

Each final project was given points in each of the following four cartegories: presentation performance, technical documentation, UX and product design by our Selection Committee which included Mariusz Lasek (Comarch Technologies CEO), Grzegorz Wąchocki (Comarch Technologies IoT Business Unit Director), Piotr Madej (Comarch Healthcare CEO) and Bartosz Pampuch (Comarch Healthcare R&D Director).

- With so many great ideas, it’s been almost impossible to choose the best three projects, said Mariusz Lasek, President of Comarch Technologies.

A home system for measuring and reporting environmental parameters, an interactive table and a device for determining tram-rail stress were chosen as the best projects.

- We are honored to reward those projects. Innovation is best cultivated by the young people who came up with the great ideas. What Comarch can offer them, is the technical and financial support to help them realize their projects, said Piotr Madej, President of Comarch Healthcare.


Here is the list of final teams divided into three categories:

> Health Device:

   1. uKlimat: Jakub Porębski, Żaneta Błaszczuk i Jakub Szczepankiewicz (AGH, Kraków)

   2. dontFall: Karol Świtała (AGH, Kraków)

   3. Unpredictable: Krystian Trubisz, Rafał Lisiecki, Damian Żołądek (University of Gdańsk)

> Smart Gadget:

   1. OchociceTeam: Konrad Strzelecki (Lodz University of Technology)

   2. WirelessHome: Joanna Muniak i Rafał Kozik (AGH, Kraków), Andrzej Wojtyś (Jagiellonian University, Kraków)

   3. InsBird: Łukasz Bojarski, Maciej Kuropatwa, Damian Kurpiewski (Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń)

> Open Project:

   1. TRAM: Daniel Turbasa (AGH, Kraków)

   2. RoboticChess: Tomasz Palacz, Mieszko Mieruński, Adrian Kaczmarek (AGH, Kraków)

   Unclassified – Proof of Concept: Przemysław Bykowski (Polish Naval Academy, Gdynia)


Congratulations to all of the TechnologyCup! final teams!

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