Comarch at 4th Polish-Saxon Innovation Day in Wroclaw
  • How do sustainable development trends affect Central European industry?
  • How can SMEs meet the challenges of changing markets and disruptive technologies?
  • What is the innovative potential of long-term cooperation between research and industry, especially for SMEs?

These are just some of the questions that you will find answers to during the 4th Polish-Saxon Innovation Day.

Between 15th-16th September in Wroclaw together with TU Dresden Comarch will contribute to the 4th Saxon-Polish Innovation Day - with the presentation titled: "The Challenges of Digitalization in Manufacturing SMEs. Business transformation, transition and scaling vs. Industry 4.0" conducted by Radoslaw Kotewicz – Head of Industry 4.0 Business Unit at Comarch IoT. 

The purpose of Radoslaw`s speech is to briefly present and explain:

  • What problems does SME production encounter when trying to move from small to medium scale business?
  • What are the main blockers, problems and what is required for this process to run smoothly?
  • How does Comarch approach this issue when working with customers on the digitization of their production?

The 4th Polish-Saxon Innovation Day concerns the megatrends of sustainable development and digitization, and this year it focuses on the topic of ecologically, economically and socially sustainable technologies for the production of #innovative products. 

The Innovation Day brings together scientists, companies and entities involved in technology transfer from Poland and Saxony, creating an internationally competitive network. The aim is to effectively and sustainably expand cooperation between neighboring countries in the field of research and development

The full event program available here. 

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