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Comarch, as a stable company with a proven track record in embedded software for consumer electronics, is aware that the CE industry is evolving day by day with the adoption of modern technologies and devices. End users are becoming smarter, and require maximum efficiency from products that hit the market. That’s where Comarch delivers value as a major partner in the development of new consumer electronics products, solving various problems and finding innovative solutions, working side by side with partners and providing top-class products to the market. As a world-class provider of services for consumer electronics producers, Comarch is familiar with wireless audio solutions including headsets and speakers using True Wireless Stereo, True Wireless Stereo + and Dolby Mobile technology. What’s more, we have been taking part in numerous projects, working side by side with OEMs and ODMs on the development of wireless chargers and multiple Bluetooth Low Energy devices. Our experience covers all areas of device development, including concept preparation, feasibility studies, hardware reviews, embedded software development, quality assurance, and production preparation.

Selected customers

  • Nokia
  • SiliconLabs
  • Microsoft
  • BlueGiga

    Our services

    Our services include concept preparation, feasibility study, hardware review, software development, quality assurance, and production preparation.

    Embedded Software Services

    Our goal is to help global businesses build embedded software solutions for high-tech consumer electronics products and IoT.

    Deep technology knowledge and proven track record

    With numerous projects and vast experience, Comarch is a valuable partner in the product preparation process. We are able to provide solutions to numerous challenges associated with connectivity, third-party codec integration and technologies such as True Wireless Stereo and True Wireless Stereo+.

    Connectivity expertise

    Comarch’s knowledge and expertise in Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE covers hardware and software development, testing, verification, driver development, integration with operating systems and certification.

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