Comarch Business Intelligence silver partner of the conference “Business Intelligence in financial institutions”.

On 18th of February, fifth edition of the conference titled “Business Intelligence in financial institutions” was held  by Multitrain in Warsaw. The conference attracted a lot of interest from employees of financial and insurance sector.

Motto of the conference was to present the role which Business Intelligence plays in modern management model. How it affects the prediction and modeling of future trends, how to better reach and meet expectations of customers. What is the role of Big Data in these processes.

Undoubtedly, the added value of the conference “ Business Intelligence in financial institution” was to approach the problem from practical side. During the conference you weren’t able to hear definitions and rules, in most cases practical approach to roles of Business Intelligence in business analytics was presented.

Comarch Business Intelligence as a silver partner of the conference had the opportunity to give the lecture. Speaker Michal Stadnicki Director of Consulting Business Intelligence, presented the impact of Social Media on better knowing and understanding of customer needs and presented practical usage of Social Comarch Business Intelligence.

By analyzing social media in Business Intelligence tools it is possible to track trends, likes on facebook and identify places where negative comments start to appear, about our campaign or product. This allows to early capture and respond to unforeseen situation and events and achieve better results of campaigns in social media.