Comarch BI at conference for financial institutions

On 19 February 2013, the Banking and Financial Centre "Nowy Świat" in Warsaw housed a conference entitled "Business Intelligence in financial institutions.

Comarch Business Intelligence, as the major sponsor of the conference, used this opportunity to present its experience and factual knowledge. The central subject were solutions for broadly defined financial institutions, such as banks, brokerages, investment funds etc.

The highlight of the programme was a lecture devoted to “Business Intelligence tools in customer communications”, delivered by

Michał Stadnicki - Comarch Business Intelligence Consulting Manager.

-“Our lecture pointed at some of the possible applications of Business Intelligence tools in supporting customer communications. We wanted to raise this thread and share our reflections, as we believe that this subject is not thoroughly known and well managed, both in financial institutions and in other industries.

To our great satisfaction, out presentation found much interest among the participants of the conference. The Business Intelligence Systems may perform various roles, yet they will always be merely a tool, which must be used appropriately. Conferences such as BI in financial institutions allow to exchange knowledge and mutual experience. This is particularly valuable at times of greater economic challenges, where more attention must be paid to the expenditure and customer relations." - says Michał Stadnicki, Comarch Business Intelligence Consulting Centre Manager.

This was already the fourth conference devoted to this subject, and certainly not the last one where Comarch Business Intelligence could present its solutions and competence. The conference attracted a lot of interest among potential customers in the financial market.