Trust is the Most Valuable Asset

You don’t know how good your business continuity strategy is until you need it.

The coronavirus pandemic is a big test for any strategy. Who was able to predict this? Did anyone even consider that we might be in a situation in which schools, universities, shopping malls, restaurants and more would be closed within a couple of weeks, with no re-opening date in sight?

It turns out that the most important element in handling the pandemic is flexibility. Those who are best prepared are those who can react quickly in order to continue their business in a challenging, uncertain environment.

That’s why a trusted business partner is so valuable. Close cooperation and open, honest communication can significantly shorten the time needed to adapt your company’s IT to the new situation.  Do your employees need VPNs? Do they require laptops configured for remote work? Do they need more assistance from the service desk while trying to access the company’s virtual resources from home for the first time? Yes, they probably do. It’s not the time to negotiate new contracts and send them to both sides’ lawyers for line-by-line scrutiny. It’s time to act before signing documents.  The bonds of mutual trust are more valuable than ever, as many decisions will be made instantly in order to minimize potential losses.

Comarch is a trusted IT partner for many world-known companies, providing them with a customized IT strategy and a flexible approach. Our customers’ satisfaction is the most important measure in situation such as the current one, where there are no proper SLAs or terms agreed. With our extensive network of Comarch Data Centers all over the world, almost 30 years of experience on the IT market and qualified IT specialists, we are able to lead our customers through rapid reorganization of their work.

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Dagmara Skomra, Product Manager at Comarch

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