Development of Comarch Data Center services: Act globally, think locally

Achieve global range of services while remaining present on the local market. It is possible with Comarch! Our infrastructure already includes 15 data centers, located in different parts of Europe, North America and Asia, and it is still growing! We are proud to announce the grand opening of another important facility: the data center in Lezennes, near Lille - the French Comarch headquarters.

Data Center in Lille has 2000 m2 of additional space to develop Comarch ICT offer and ensure the implementation of hosting projects for current and future clients from France and other Western European countries.

- The project valued at 8 million euro is an important stage in the company’s development on the French market. We can provide our clients with not only hosting services, but also comprehensive solutions. This is a clear message for current and future customers – the French market is a top priority for us - comments the President of Comarch France, Arkadiusz Iłgowski.

The official Lille Data Center opening took place on March 20th. The center consists of three server rooms, the total capacity of which is 308 RACK cabinets where Comarch's customer systems will be stored. Most of the so-called “heavy infrastructure” in the Data Center is designed in the TIER IV standard.

- This modern center is another milestone in the dynamic growth strategy of Managed Services and Cloud Computing. Systems connected to the global Comarch Cloud instance will be placed in Lille DC, that way we will ensure geographical distribution of systems. This will definitely increase the platform security and ensure local data storage for specific customer requirements - adds Ryszard Kluza, BU Comarch ICT Director.

Comarch's global presence allows applications to be brought closer to their users all over the world, and at the same time enables to meet data resident requirements, i.e. comprehensive data protection in accordance with local legal requirements, high availability, disaster recovery and backups. That is why launching the Comarch data center in Lille increases our chances of winning big clients from France, Benelux or the UK.

- Thanks to this investment, we now have not only a great sales team, but also great arguments in the form of local infrastructure and, in the near future, another instance of Comarch Cloud Infraspace. A comprehensive offer of locally available cloud services such as Infrastructure as a Service, complemented with a wide portfolio of Managed Services and Managed Security, will allow us to stand out from the local, highly specialized suppliers. This, combined with years of experience working with local application clients, allows us to assess the chances of dynamic expansion in this region with great optimism - adds Łukasz Łacniak, Comarch Cloud Infraspace Product Manager.

For many years, Comarch has been focusing on the development of high value-added hosting services. Hence, investments not only in the expansion of the network of data centers, but above all in the development of own services. Providing cloud computing services is a strategic project at Comarch as the market expects an integrated IT service in a cloud model, which is why we offer services in this form, using our own data centers, our own applications and the IaaS platform in Comarch Cloud Infraspace. By choosing Comarch, customers will benefit from a unified and flexible cloud infrastructure with the highest security standards. The platform contains a wide range of tools supporting applications based on micro-services. It will provide lower IT costs, increased company efficiency and full control over your IT resources while optimizing the reliability of company data and maximizing flexibility. All this in a secure IT environment located in the Comarch Data Center.


Małgorzata Zabieglińska- Lupa, Comarch ICT Product Manager

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