Comarch has begun work to obtain the ISAE 3402 report regarding services provided by Comarch Data Center. In the first half of 2011 Comarch will receive a report of Type I and a Type II report by the end of 2011.
Beginning in June of 2011, the ISAE 3402 Report will replace the SAS 70 standard, which is the standard which is currently prevalent in the market.

Processes and procedures used in Comarch Data Center will be subject to meticulous examination and analysis by an independent auditing firm, a report will be certified by an CPA (Certified Public Accountant). Report ISAE 3402 Type II will provide prospective and existing customers of Comarch Data Center with certainty that the goals outlined in the report are achieved by the service provider and function effectively throughout the period covered in the report.

- The most important benefits of reports for Comarch Data Center clients are, among others things, independent confirmation that Comarch Data Center operates in the manner set out in the report and that these actions meet the control objectives in such areas as: environmental equipment (air conditioning, fire protection systems), physical security, logical, network, change management, monitoring and capacity management - says Mateusz Jasny, senior consultant in the Services Business Unit, Comarch SA – It also allows you to limit the number and scope of audits performed by customers, which also is associated with lower service costs for them. The report is also a tool for monitoring and controlling the risks transferred by the client through the outsourcing of business functions. Therefore, it helps in meeting the legal requirement imposed by many regulators around the world, for ensuring that the customer has evaluated the effectiveness of its internal control system and moreover, that this system is documented and tested - even in areas which were submitted by outsourcing and which have an impact on a client’s financial reporting.

Comarch Data Center allows you to take advantage of highly specialized facilities without the necessity to build and creating an expensive infrastructure. Based on a secure centers Comarch Data Center provided services ranging from simple colocation, hosting, to comprehensive Managed Services which provide for, among others things, the maintenance of hardware and services, administration and optimization of operating systems, as well as the management, maintenance and backup of databases.

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