The Datacenter Dynamics Converged Conferences, held every year in more than 40 cities across the globe, are recognised as some of the most worthwhile events where the interchange of knowledge, experience and opinions in the field of data centers can be shared. 

Comarch – as a data center services provider for many years is proud to sponsor Benelux DatacenterDynamics Converged Conference & Expo, which will be held in Hotel Occura in Amsterdam, 26 November 2013.

Conference in Amsterdam is already the third Datacenter Dynamics Converged  Conferences  this year sponsored by Comarch. The first one was held in Stockholm in May, second one in Warsaw in June.

DatacenterDynamics Converged in Amsterdam will cover the issues at the core of the datacenter and the delivery of mission-critical IT.  Presentations will focus on ‘Design, Build & Operate’ and ‘IT Optimisation, Strategy & Outsourcing Decisions’.

During the conference Marcin Florek, Project Manager at Comarch in presentation „How to Transform Company's IT Approach from a Technology to a Business focus” will present the transformation process which modifies a company’s IT approach from one that focuses on technology to one that focuses on business. It is presented on a business case, represented by a service provider, who must deliver business value for its clients.

Comarch presentation will start at 12.05.

All who are interested in data center area are welcome to become acquainted with the program of the conferences and to register their attendance. 

We encourage all participants to listen to our presenation and meet with our representatives at Comarch stand.

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