Comarch Data Center is providing its customers with a new Central Backup System. It can be shared by several users, thereby dramatically decreasing the cost of investment for each individual project.

- A constantly increasing amount of data is a very important problem not only for online disk storage but also for backup purposes. Today databases sized in terabytes (TB) exist even in medium sized environments. Performing a backup has a big influence on the production system which is a performance problem, but the main challenge is to recover data from the backup. In case of damages, the backup system should ensure data integrity and fast recovery. Comarch Data Center is going with market trends by providing the latest high quality technologies to deal with increased client requirements - says Piotr Piątkowski, Business Solution Manager, in the Comarch Data Center Business Unit.

The new backup system is planned to provide the highest performance. The architecture enables "LAN free backup" direct from the SAN network which decreases LAN utilization and increases the speed of recovery. An ethernet connection of 10 Gb/s in the backup network ensures a very quick backup even in the event many systems are being backedup. The system is fully compatible with Comarch Central Storage System snapshots which allows for recovery times of less than 2 hours even for full restores of very large databases, which significantly decreases business discontinuity. A backup schedule can be implemented on-line (with no database interruption) in up to 15 minutes. Disk staging technology increases the speed of recovery for the latest data.

Comarch Data Center Services is a suite of managed services and IT outsourcing services provided by Comarch. The Comarch Data Center can take advantage of a broad package of services - including consolidation of IT, IaaS/SaaS (Software/Infrastructure as a Service), cloud computing and virtualization, hosting, colocation, and Distaster Recovery Center.

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