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Cloud computing services help you build, manage, upgrade, and maintain your systems and business applications thanks to a dedicated set of advanced tools and frameworks.

They provide more than enough computing power and flexibility to support your company's key business operations, making sure you will never run out of space, and you will always stay connected

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It's really that simple. Expect being given full access to Comarch Infraspace Cloud in no time.


Save up to 50% on cloud computing services 

Being the client, you determine how much power and space you need - and we are here to provide it. Below, you will find three examples of possible cloud packages, but there are no limits. Just tell us what you need, and we will deliver.


€21,96 per month
1 vCPU - 2GB RAM - 50GB HDD Storage - Unlimited data transfer
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  • Average market price for this package is €27,56


€83,98 per month
4 vCPU - 8GB RAM - 80GB SSD NVMe Storage - Unlimited data transfer
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  • Average market price for this package is €139,08


€167,96 per month
8 vCPU - 16GB RAM - 160GB SSD NVMe Storage - Unlimited data transfer
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  • Average market price for this package is €336,32

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