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Comarch Smart Lighting

The Comarch IoT solutions division offers an ecosystem that enables rapid implementation of highly flexible and scalable smart lighting solutions for urban and industrial buildings and environments. It can be easily integrated with existing infrastructure or with third-party systems and can be expanded at any time as required.

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The Components of the Comarch Smart Lighting Ecosystem

Enterprise System

The Comarch IoT Platform enables process definition, management, and remote control of devices as well as collecting, storing, and analyzing large amounts of data. Moreover, it facilitates more strategic real-time decisions.

Smart Devices

The Comarch IoT Devices (IoT Hub, Light Controller and Sensors) ensure seamless connectivity between the Comarch IoT Platform and the lighting units, sensors, and users.


Reliable connectivity between the physical and the virtual world plays a pivotal role in the success of IoT projects. The Comarch IoT Hub serves as a local gateway and connects the smart devices wirelessly with the IoT platform.

Partner Model

System owners can use the APIs for business partners and end users. Connection to other programs and systems to the Comarch IoT Platform enables the creation of significant added value.


Comarch Identity and Access Management enables authentication, authorization, and management of devices, users, groups, roles, and applications. Our security solution ensures the protection of entire infrastructure from intruders, and guarantees highly secure and encrypted communication.

User-oriented Approach

The web application and the mobile app enable devices to interact with the Comarch IoT Platform, and offer a simple and intuitive user interface for the control panel, service configuration, and device management.

Value Added

  • Flexibility in configuration
    • Rule engine
    • Map view
  • Secure Solution
    • Identity and user management
    • Communication encryption
    • Device authentication

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Open interfaces for third-party systems and standardized communication protocols to integrate with additional sensors and actuators
  • Integration with other Comarch modules
    • Comarch Field Service Management
    • Comarch IoT Connect


  • Increase in efficiency of the city lighting management system
  • Decrease in operating costs
  • Data-driven resource management based on real-time requirements
  • Support for decision-makers thanks to extensive data analysis
  • Considerable savings in electricity costs
  • Predictive maintenance based on the real-time system notifications
  • Effective field staff management
  • Robust and secure IoT system

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