Comarch is proud to announce its engagement in the recently launched RockScout application, which brings Spotify music into the car dashboard screen so that listeners could access their favorite music in a safe and easy way.

Spotify is a commercial streaming service that provides music from worldwide companies such as EMI, BBC, Sony, Warner Music Group, and Universal. Since its launch in 2008, the service has grown to more than 75 million active users including 20 million who are paying for the  “Premium” subscription.

RockScout users will be able to control music from Spotify using a car-optimized interface and a simplified design featured with large buttons. Moreover, the smart technology knows if the car is in the Park Mode or the Drive Mode.

- Spotify’s compatibility with MirrorLink is a great moment for both brands, based on Spotify’s undeniable popularity among music lovers and the sheer size of MirrorLink’s global install base, said Alan Ewing, President and Executive director of the CCC.

MirrorLink developed by the CCC makes a promise of a connected car a reality, enabling drivers to connect their smartphone with their vehicle to gain access to the Spotify Android application via the car’s navigation screen and dashboard/steering-wheel buttons. The audio is played through the car’s speakers. MirrorLink is compatible with around 100 million smartphones and available on 20 million cars globally.
 “Comarch has been recognized by the Car Connectivity Consortium as an expert in the area of application and Certification Testing System development. We appreciate their attention to details and all of difficult technical problems they solved during RockScout development. The company once again proved to be one of our most trusted technology partners. Thanks to Comarch employees great work, RockScout will provide drivers with extended access to some of the most popular music and audio apps of all time,” said Alan Ewing, President and Executive director of the Car Connectivity Consortium, which created the MirrorLink technology.

- Comarch has vast experience in the area of application development. During the successful   cooperation with our clients, we have developed numerous applications, which support their customers in everyday life.  The creation of RockScout was a great way to show our vast knowledge and to bring two brands closer by connecting Spotify's music lovers with MirrorLink Enabled In-car Infotainment System fans, said Mariusz Lasek, President of Comarch Technologies.

In order to use Spotify via their in-car infotainment system, users of MirrorLink-enabled systems need to download RockScout from Google Play Store.

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