Why Companies are Investing More in IT Services – and so Should You

The times when companies created and maintained extensive in-house IT departments with their own infrastructure and hardware facilities are a thing of the past. The pace of changes in technologies, security, and knowledge requirements of IT personnel makes maintaining your own IT departments a complicated and expensive task. As a result, outsourcing IT services such as data center and cloud computing has become the new normal. Here's how it can help your company grow in 2023.

According to Gartner, global spending on IT services is expected to reach $1.36 trillion in 2023, an increase of 7.9 per cent from $1.26 trillion spent on IT services in 2022. The demand for IT services in 2023 is expected to be high, as enterprises continue to pursue digital business initiatives despite the current difficult situation in the global economy. The reason behind it is simple: all the money spent on IT today will bring profit in the future. It gives your company the computing power it requires to grow, while freeing you from maintaining your own infrastructure. Let’s see how it works in detail.

How has the role of IT evolved over the years?

The role of IT in companies has changed significantly over the last several years. IT systems that used to be used mainly to support the administrative activities of companies (such as accounting and office systems, mail, or electronic archives) have now evolved to the role of advanced systems controlling critical processes for companies: business, production, research, and many more.

It means that IT services and infrastructure are now critical elements for business continuity, and infrastructure failures have a direct impact on the company's results. Cybersecurity incidents can expose companies to serious reputational damage and legal consequences.

Why is the popularity of outsourcing IT services growing?

The priority of modern enterprises is to focus on their own business in the industry in which the company operates – in most cases it would be production, services, and research. Management boards, thinking about investments, mainly focus on ensuring the quality of their own service or product. In these circumstances, it is perfectly reasonable that IT is usually treated as a supporting tool for business processes of the company.

That’s where outsourced IT services that include all the technology, communication devices and applications come in, enabling companies to access, store, transmit, and process information. Why are they worth your money?

1. You save time and resources

Even large companies are usually unable to devote the appropriate amount of time and resources to provide the level of IT infrastructure service that professional IT services providers can deliver. Such providers maintain hardware facilities and improve staff competences, while not only following but also creating new technological trends, which translates directly into security, efficiency and reliability of IT systems.

2. It’s cost-effective 

IT providers, meeting the needs of enterprises, offer various models of services on favorable terms. Thanks to negotiations with suppliers of equipment and software purchased on a large scale, they are able to reduce the costs of purchasing equipment by as much as 60-80% compared to the prices offered to individual entrepreneurs.

3. Consulting and constant optimization are usually included

IT providers such as Comarch, in addition to the service itself, usually offer consulting services, under which the IT environment of the company is analyzed and its needs and critical components are identified. At Comarch, we know how to adapt an IT service to meet  the needs of your enterprise, while optimizing the solution architecture and service costs.

What is the role of data center and cloud services in this?

Data centers and the cloud play a special role in the scope of IT services. What is a data center? Simply put, it is a facility that contains IT equipment for building, running, and delivering services and applications, as well as storing and managing the data related to them. However, data centers nowadays – for example those owned by Comarch – offer more than just access to innovative physical infrastructures used to store and manage business-relevant data. In addition, they provide you with the expertise of experienced specialists who can help you make your systems and applications run more efficiently.

Cloud services consist of infrastructure, platforms, or software that are hosted by external providers and made available to companies via the Internet. Cloud services are an ideal platform for global enterprises operating from dispersed locations. The cloud provides access to consistent data from different places, removing the problem of maintaining telecommunications links and data transfer from companies.

The key benefits of data center and cloud services for your business


The essence of data center and cloud services is scalability, which allows the adjustment of infrastructure costs to reflect the real needs of the enterprise in real time, and provides an opportunity for cost optimization in the rapidly changing business environment. Enterprises see the potential of these services, which results in increased spending, especially on cloud computing.

A study by Hornetsecurity shows that, over the next five years, up to 93% of IT industry companies plan to rely at least partly on the cloud. According to IDC, spending on shared cloud infrastructure will also go up by 25.5% year-on-year, to USD 64.5 billion.


Providers such as Comarch, which offer cloud solutions, are able to ensure the highest level of security of distributed infrastructure by implementing the state-of-the-art solutions. Thanks to risk prevention mechanisms and advanced encryption methods, we store and protect your data on the most efficient level. 

Security developments are expected to secure the cloud still further. The traditional VPN is being replaced with the Cybersecurity Mesh model, a composable and scalable approach to extending security controls. This can decrease the costs of potential security incidents by up to 90%.

Almost zero investment cost

By outsourcing such IT services as data center facilities and cloud computing, your investments are optimized from day one. You get no additional hardware or office downtime, but receive more flexibility, and prices reflect only the features in use.

Comarch’s experience allows us to help companies reduce their operational costs by 50-80%, depending on the nature of their business. With our world-class services offering comprehensive, flexible, cost-efficient and truly smart solutions, you can improve your operations and save money on what really matters – developing your strategy and products or services.

Key takeaways

With the market getting more competitive with every minute, IT services such as data center facilities and cloud computing enable modern companies to operate in the digital world. They bring you better work efficiency, greater accessibility of data, constant support of professionals, cybersecurity and many more benefits. With many years of experience, multi-skilled certified professionals and our own IT infrastructure, Comarch delivers real results to global businesses and provides the highest quality of data center and cloud services. Take a closer look at our IT products, and get the computing power you need to drive growth.

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