How to Choose the Right Partner for Your Business?

We all agree that outsourcing is cost-effective, reliable, and will let you stay ahead of the competition. In order to get all these business benefits, a true partnership between client and supplier is required. A successful partnership helps to achieve trust, transparency and an agile working relationship that benefits both parties. This is impossible without open and constant communication, which not only builds trust but also ensures that both sides look out for the other’s interests.

So, the biggest challenge in outsourcing is to choose the right provider for your business.

Selecting an external service provider can be difficult task, but the tips below will help you pick the best vendor to meet your current and future needs. It should also help to ensure the success of your outsourcing project. Among the factors that you should consider when evaluating a potential service provider, trust, integrity, innovation and passion may not be strictly measurable but are certainly invaluable, as they can make your business a hit in a long run.

Some other important criteria include:

  • Project experience – technical competences, strong transition background, proven implementations and customer satisfaction.
  • Appropriate references and work samples.
  • Adherence to recognized standards, such as ITIL or ITSM.
  • Financial stability.
  • Standard design and implementation methodology, as well as security standards.
  • Appropriate and adequate size and skilled resources.
  • Structured communication process and similar cultural background.
  • Latest technologies that are integrated into processes and the IT environment. 
  • Scale and geography to match your organization’s needs.
  • Local flexibility without loss in standards or quality.
  • Appropriate frameworks for service level management.
  • Continual business improvement.
  • Clear strategy with goals and vision about how to leverage your business.
  • The appropriate motivation to enhance your business.

Your outsourcing partner can take your business to the next level or break your company, so it is important to evaluate carefully their competences and the potential consequences of becoming involved with them. Many people find it difficult to outsource, but all you really need to do is find the right partner for your business. If you do that, outsourcing can add greater value, improve your time to market, enhance business efficiency and productivity, and reduce overall operational costs. So, wherever you are in your own outsourcing journey, whatever the scope of your outsourcing deal, and whatever your industry background, it is worth reading our new white paper.

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