Comarch ICT: How Does Cooperation with IT Partners Affect Support for Customers’ Business?

The technological revolution is changing business. Comarch is also changing, transforming into a cloud-oriented organization that combines business with the latest technologies. At Comarch ICT, we are also focusing on transformation and launching our own cloud platform. Comarch Cloud Infraspace is an ideal space for the development of your own and your clients' business. In addition, the newly created platform allows clients to take advantage of the cloud and simultaneously develop business together with Comarch.

Current expectations of IT service providers are changing before our eyes. Customers do not want to pay for expensive licenses or application implementation, especially as the expense does not always result in a solution tailored perfectly to their specific requirements. They want to pay for exactly as much as they use ("pay as you use"), without any barriers such as initial investment - CAPEX - and increase or decrease computing power flexibly through the "pay as you grow" model. The Comarch Cloud Infraspace solution, based on the latest hardware technologies of leading suppliers, is a response to precisely these changing requirements. Offering cloud services is slowly becoming a standard on the IT services market. The IaaS/PaaS platform is available easily from geographically dispersed centers in Europe and America, allowing our clients to use the cloud services optimally – says Ryszard Kluza, director of Comarch’s ICT BU.

The platform is based on the technological stack provided by our partners. What would ICT services be if it were not for cooperation with the best solution providers on the market? At Comarch ICT, we believe in building strong business relationships with technological partners – including the world's leading providers of equipment, services and IT technologies.

Our partners’ potential and solutions support the Comarch product portfolio and thus provide us with continuous development, as well as allowing us to offer a full range of solutions. When building our CECP cloud platform, we also got support from our partners, including HPE, Intel, Fujitsu and Red Hat. In this way, the solution delivered to clients as well as to DevOps internal departments meets rigorous security and stability requirements. Partnership with leading information technology sector suppliers also means the highest quality of solutions for our clients – sums up Małgorzata Zabieglińska-Lupa, Comarch ICT Product Manager.

One of Comarch's strategic partners, with whom we have been cooperating since the very beginning of our operations, is Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). Thanks to this, we can enrich our offer with proven, secure and efficient solutions, adapted not only to the latest global trends, but also to the individual needs of our clients. Last year, for the third time, Comarch received the HPE Partner of the Year award in the “Partners with the highest turnover in the As-A-Service model” category.

The cooperation between Comarch and HPE has a long history, which started with a typical integrating model. Today, both companies operate in Poland as strategic partners. Implementing the global strategy of our company - Hybrid IT - we are currently cooperating with Comarch in many areas, in particular in providing IT as a Service solutions. We have also signed an OEM agreement. We are not passive in the face of the challenges of modern IT, which is why we are constantly looking for new areas in which we can cooperate to provide our clients with the best solutions tailored to market requirements. An example of this is the HPE Synergy project, the ideal solution for micro-service architecture or DevOps implemented in Comarch Data Center - says Marek Hojda, Partner Business Manager.

The following video has been prepared in cooperation with one of our biggest partners. It presents Data Center solutions offered by ICT and built on the technological platform provided by HPE and Intel.

Watch the video: Comarch Data Center - Today for Tomorrow

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