Silicon Labs and Comarch cooperation

Our cooperation with Silicon Labs

Silicon Labs is a leading provider of silicon, software, and a variety of other IoT solutions aimed at creating a connected world. The award-winning technologies offered by Silicon Labs shape the future of numerous branches, such as smart homes, industrial IoT, smart cities, smart retail, and healthcare.

Comarch’s strong cooperation with Silicon Labs, ongoing since 2013, has allowed our experts to provide excellent support and carry out numerous diverse projects highlighting our vast competencies. The skilled team and long relationship between our companies were the main reasons why Comarch was chosen to carry out this project.

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Challenges to face

EFR Connect is a mobile application designed by Silicon Labs, devoted to testing and debugging Bluetooth Low Energy apps. It allows quick, comprehensive problem-solving in the area of application code, Over-The-Air firmware updates, data capacity, and interoperability with Android and iOS-driven devices.

Successful as it was, the EFR Connect app needed some enhancements and continuation of development. One of the priorities was the redesign and development of the user interface (UI) to make it more user-friendly and consistent. Changes implemented in the UI were designed in compliance with the new app’s features in mind. We were also able to redefine the existing functions of the application and provide code refactoring and migration.

Multiphase project

  • Planning
    Verification of UI/UX guidelines, suggesting UI elements that need an update, change estimation
  • Testing
    Compliance with guidelines, impact on app performance (validity, clarity, efficiency)
  • Active development
    Implementation of new UI/UX guidelines, error detection, suggesting improvements
  • Maintenance
    Ongoing error fixing, adding new features

Successful delivery

Comarch’s cooperation with Silicon Labs, along with the support provided, allowed us to create a new, refreshed version of the EFR Connect mobile app. After the redesign, we observed growth in downloads and positive reviews on Google Play and App Store. The app was also very warmly received among the Silicon Labs employees. This successful and experience-based cooperation leaves us with hope for further collaboration and more exciting projects to come.

Our partnership with Comarch has been instrumental in the success of our EFR Connect Bluetooth LE mobile app. As a trusted partner, Silicon Labs has relied on Comarch’s skilled mobile app development team to maintain and continuously develop new features that extend functionality and improve the UX, such as our recent UI redesign effort, which has made the app more intuitive and user-friendly. We appreciate the team’s collaborative approach and ability to propose new ideas while staying within our requirements. We are grateful for their contribution to our product’s success.

Joe Tijerina,
Product Manager – IoT Mobile Apps & HW Tools, Silicon Labs

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