Implementation of Comarch Loyalty Management at Natura Brasil

Natura Brasil is a leading cosmetics brand in Latin America markets and is the fourth biggest cosmetics company in the world in direct sales. For the last 40 years Natura business reflected its two passions: passion for cosmetics and passion for relationships. Our relationship with ourselves, relationship with others and relationship with the planet - the environment.

Implemented solutions

Comarch Loyalty Management

One of the main challenges for customer-oriented enterprises is to create a strong bond between customers and the brand.

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Implementation of Comarch Loyalty Management at Natura Brasil


Since the very beginning Natura has distributed - with great success - its products through a network of independent consultants in all the markets where Natura operates. Right now, more than 1,421,000 Consultants - including 1,175,000 in Brazil and around 246,000 abroad - promote the company’s values and products to consumers.


Business challenges


In 2006 Natura opened its first European subsidiary with headquarters in Paris, France. Following the company concept, Natura was proposing its products through a network of 2,000 Consultants around France. In order to spread its products and values on the mature European market to a maximum number of European consumers, its products & values, Natura had to take important steps and introduce some changes to the existing sales model – they opened the first physical store in Paris and decided to launch e-commerce sales.

In order to manage this new business situation and grow their business in France, Natura had to find the solution that was able to meet the following objectives:

  • Connect all 3 sales channels: direct sales, the e-commerce website and store into one comprehensive strategy

  • Keep Direct Sales at the center of this multichannel strategy – as relationships between people is one of Natura’s key values

  • Give end customers more possibilities to interact with Natura and buy its products all over the Europe, by giving more importance to online sales

  • Build a detailed and high-quality customer database available for Natura Consultant sand Natura itself

  • Increase Consultant productivity by providing them with easy to use, professional sales tool as well as an engaging Motivation Program

  • Create an interesting loyalty program for its end customers

  • Build positive brand awareness and increase its visibility in Europe


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