Bank Pekao has been operating successfully for more than 80 years and is one of the largest financial institutions in Central and Eastern Europe. In terms of assets, it is the second largest bank in Poland, while in terms of capital strength it is a leader among large banks operating in Poland (according to stress tests conducted by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority). Bank Pekao is a part of UniCredit Group which operates in 22 European countries, with more than 150 000 employees and over 9 200 branches. Its strategic position in Western and Eastern Europe gives the Group one of the region’s highest market shares.

Implemented solution

Supply Chain Financing

Comarch EDI Financing is a pioneering solution to accelerate the debt financing by financial institutions. As a result, the creditor has a faster access to funds, the debtor may extend the period of payment. 

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Business Challenges


Bank Pekao has been offering receivables financing services for many years now. Prior to solution implementation, Pekaos clients were obliged to provide individually prepared requests for financing sent via its Internet banking platform as well as copies of invoices and other documents via a variety of channels: e-mail, fax, courier or even in person, if needed according to the agreement with the Bank.


Thus, Bank Pekao decided on undertaking a pioneering initiative in the trade finance market. It decided to integrate its Internet banking systems for corporate and SME clients PekaoBIZNES24/PekaoFirma24 with the Comarch EDI platform which processes ca. 240 million documents annually for 30 000 users from 30 countries, including messages such as: orders, dispatch notifications, reception documentation, transportation messages, remittance documentation and invoices.


In order to combine these two applications, Comarch, with the full cooperation of Bank Pekao created a completely new platform, Comarch EDI Financing.




Comarch EDI Financing can be utilized by those who use the financial services of Bank Pekao, eFinancing or Advance Loan:


  • Financing is a package of trade receivables financing programs based on their assignment to Bank Pekao, under which the Bank can discount and/or finance commercial invoices prior to their maturity date payable to the supplier with an option of an extended financing period after the due date for the recipients. The financing structure is always individually adjusted to the client’s needs and the product is dedicated both for suppliers and recipients
  • Advance Loan is a revolving credit line facilitating the advance financing of issued invoices with deferred payments without the assignment of the receivable to the Bank. It provides an immediate release of frozen funds with an extra 10 days for possible delays of payment from debtors. The repayment of the loan is settled from the recipients’ inflows on the borrower’s current account dedicated both for suppliers and recipients


After choosing an invoice in Comarch EDI Financing, users can conveniently and quickly initiate financing from the Bank. They are then automatically redirected to the PekaoBIZNES24/ PekaoFirma24 system where the transaction is completed. After successful signing and sending of the request, the Bank pays the due amount to the supplier of the goods or services and sends the current status of invoices to Comarch EDI Financing, so that clients can always have up-to-date knowledge concerning their receivables and financing program.

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