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About Hamelin

The Hamelin Group has been a leading supplier in the stationery market, both for professionals and the general public (students mainly), for more than 50 years now. Their global brands Oxford, Elba and Super Conqueror are amongst the strongest in their market (in France and Europe).

Since the company was founded in 1864, the company has always wanted to remain a family run business. The Group, whose head office is in Caen, employs more than 2,200 people in 12 countries.

The project

Hamelin launched a call for tenders in 2016 in order to rethink the architecture of its EDI platform. The project presented major business challenges for Hamelin. The aim was to migrate the existing platform to the Comarch B2B Network solution. The migration included the connection of the 130 trading partners currently in EDI with the Hamelin Group, representing 500 relationships, in 20 countries, for a volume of 40,000 documents exchanged per month.

The project plans to add 60 new partners, representing 200 relationships, by the end of the year.

Solution implemented

To meet this challenge, the Comarch B2B Network solution has been selected. This meets all the expectations of the Hamelin Group by:

  • providing a powerful EDI platform capable of quickly and securely processing all data ensuring international deployment
  • ensuring international deployment

In order to increase trade, the following modules have been implemented in addition to the Comarch’s EDI platform:

  • Comarch’s Tracking module
  • Comarch e-Invoicing

Comarch’s Tracking module allows Hamelin to view all incoming and outgoing EDI flows. The Tracking tool has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, used by both the Hamelin IT department and the customer service department. Comarch e-Invoncing allows Hamelin to dematerialise invoices and archive them for a minimum period of 10 years. This module respects local and European legislation in force and is GS1 France certified. It also meets the requirements of Article 289 bis of the General Tax Code.

Key benefits of Comarch EDI

International implementation

Possibility to connect European partners while respecting local requirements.

International service desk

For contacts with trading partners, support and assistance.

An efficient platform

Able to process all data quickly and securely.

More About The Implemented Product

Comarch EDI

System provides efficient and secure exchange of data across the supply chain. Within a few days your business can start communicating electronically with all partners regardless of their technological maturity and geographical area.

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Remarks from Hamelin

We chose Comarch first of all for the flexibility that we observed during our exchanges and the proximity: a direct point of contact, an open and honest relationship, a desire to consolidate the relationship in order to extend functional coverage rather than to charge a high price for the slightest change.

In technical terms, the system allows us to greatly reduce the risk of regression during modifications and better timeliness compared to the current system. Compared to short-listed competitors, Comarch was more in tune with our entrepreneurial spirit and of a size allowing Hamelin to have more influence on decisions.

One final point convinced us, relating to sustainability: we visited Comarch’s head office in Poland and found a strong presence in future markets, as well as dynamism within the teams, undoubtedly due to the qualities specific to young people and diversity. As any quality carries a risk, we have implemented means to safeguard against possible weaknesses in methodology and project management."

Eric Grienay EDI,
Domain Expert at Hamelin

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